Ice Cube Trays with Lids, 2 Pack Easy Release 12-Ice Holder with Spill-Resistant Removable Cover, BPA Free PP Reusable Molds, Durable Stackable for Freezer Whiskey Cocktail Chilled Drinks Soda

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【Food-grade, Safe, Durable】Made of PP material, BPA free, conforming with food safety standards. Each tray makes 12 nice-sized cubes. Great for home use, parties and bars
【Removable Lid & Stackable】Each ice tray has a removable lid, it effectively reduces dust and it isolates the smell of the refrigerator. These easy-release trays stack easily and neatly in the freezer without sticking, and help you to save space in the freezer
【DIY Multipurpose】This ice cube tray set is not limited to make ice, it’s also ideal for making all kinds of DIY ice food, such as ice cream, pudding, jelly, freezing fruit, cooling whiskey, cocktail, lemonade, coca-cola, juice, chocolate, yogurt, coffee and baby food etc. You will enjoy the ice-making experience
【Easy Ice Release & Clean】First, drench the bottom with water after taking it out from the fridge, or rest it for 2 minutes to let the ice melt a little, then release the cubes easily. The scoop and clamp are practical, and prevent people from touching the ice before adding it to their glass
【Complete Set】Our ice cube kit includes the 2-pack ice tray, as well as bin, ice scoop, clamp. The scoop has a small hole that you can use to display it on a kitchen wall. These accessories are made with top-quality and food-grade materials

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A Must-Have Kitchen Gadget
Each ice cube tray features 12 cube and a smart removable lid, which help you make nice-sized cubes easily. Just fill the trays with water/fruits/ice cream/soda/wine, cover the lid and then put them into the freezer.

-Food grade PP plastic, BPA free
-Fashionable appearance and fresh colors
-Removable cover to isolate odor
-Easy to clean, easy to use and stackable

Ice cube tray ideas:
-Chocolate covered strawberry cubes
-Coffee ice cubes
-Infused butter
-Frozen flowers
-Mini ice creams
-Chocolate peanut butter cups
-Frozen herbs
-Coffee for your iced lattes
-Toddler snack divider
-Seed started tray

How to make ice cubes from the ice cube tray:
1)Pour water or drinks, do not pour too much water to prevent the ice cubes from sticking together
2)After the water injection is completed, close the lid, hold it on both sides of the long side by hand or put your hand on the bottom of the ice tray, and then move it to the refrigerator to prevent water from splashing out
3)Put in the frozen layer of the refrigerator for more than 8 hours
4)Remove the ice tray from the freezer and place it at room temperature for more than 1 or 2 minutes for the ice to melt a little, and the ice will be easier to remove
5)Push into the bottom of the ice tray, and immediately remove the ice cubes
6)To pour the ice cubes into the beverage completely, you need to wash it after use

-Pour water into each of the compartments lower than the water level
-Simply let the ice cube sit at room temperature for a while until they can be easily removed from their mold

Package included:
2 x Ice cube trays
1 x Bin
1 x Ice scoop
1 x Clamp
2 x Transparent lids