Meat Tenderizer with 48 Stainless Steel Ultra Sharp Needle Blades, Durable Manual Hand Press Kitchen Cooking Tool with Cleaning Brush for Tenderizing Beef Pork Baking BBQ Steak Fish Marinade

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【Reduce Marinade And Cooking Time】The tiny channels created by the tenderizer blades allow marinades to be fully absorbed into the meat in as little as five minutes! Then when cooking, heat penetrates the meat quicker to reduce cooking time by 40%
【48 Stainless Steel Blade】48 stainless steel blades with hard texture, durable to use without corrosion and rust, blades are sharpened on both sides for prolonged performance that stays sharp, even after frequent use. ABS hand press with human engineering principle brings you much convenience, let you easy to hold and keep a good mood to cooking
【Easy to Use & Control】The blades will deploy while you press it into meat, automatically retract when you lift, just press several times, the sharp blades will penetrate into the meat and help the marinades to permeate into the tissues quickly and deeply without changing the shape or appearance of meat
【Cleaning Brush & Protection Cover】The button of tenderizer is detachable to convenient cleaning, just soak in warm soapy water after a few minutes and wash it with the cleaning brush. Tenderizer comes with a clear plastic cover that protects from injuries and keeps your tenderizer clean and sanitary
【Impart Flavor Through Any Meat】Because our ledorr gourmet tool marinades deeper, fully infusing the entire cut with flavor, you’ll easily transform any meat into a succulent, delicious, mouthwatering meal including beef, turkey, chicken, veal, pork, fish, steak, London broil, round roast, chicken breast, pork loin, lamb chop, fowl, venison etc

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-Material: stainless steel blade + ABS, Dishwasher safe
-48 stainless steel blades with hard texture, durable to use without corrosion and rust
-Protective cover can resist dust and prevent scratching the blades or injuring person
-ABS hand press with spring design will bring you much convenience
-Indispensable for daily life which can shorten the cooking time
-Suitable for home kitchen, hotel, restaurant; Great for tenderizing: steak, beef, pork, veal, chicken, turkey, bison

How to use:
1. Please cleaned thoroughly for the first time using.
2. Pick the meat on the cutting board, then remove the protective cover.
3.Gently press the meat tenderize on the top of meat and press it into meat several times (Avoid the bones)
4. Cleaned after each use, just soak in warm soapy water after a few minute and wash it with the brush, also you can clean it with dishwasher.

1. Please place the meat on the cutting board to prevent injuring the blades.
2. Eliminate the bones or thaw frozen meat firstly before you use the item to prevent breaking the blades.
3. Meat tenderizer blades are pretty sharp! Keep out of the reach of children!
4. To protect the blades, use a wood, bamboo, polypropylene or polyethylene cutting boards, not glass, stainless steel or ceramic.

Package included:
1 x Meat tenderizer
1 x Brush